Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Ethipoia moth

Finally started to look at my moth photos from Ethiopia thanks to the weather. The first I've ID'd is the Semi-looper Moth [Trigonodes hyppasia]. It's a moth of the sub-sahara in Africa, but occurs in Australia and as far east as Fiji. Generally fairly common on semi-cultivated grassland. This was photo'd on the Liben Plains. The "Moths of Africa" states it occurs from the coastland up to 1050mts. The interesting thing about this moth was that I photo'd it at 1592mts above sea-level. So quite a lot higher than previously recorded. There are one or two species that look somewhat similar. But the  black basal triangle on the wing [nearer the head] is much larger than the hind black triangle and is a diagnostic feature of the species, it is the other way round on similar species.

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