Thursday, 17 March 2016


Not much in the way of birds except 2 pairs of Siskin, male Sparrowhawk and pair of  Raven.

More of an insect day with three hoverfly species seen in Melanostoma scalare [1] being first of the year, Others were Eristalis pertinax [8] and Eristalis tenax [1].

Other insects included an Early Mining Andrena Bee, Bloody-nosed Beetle [complete with bloody nose, which is a defence mechanism against predators - in this case a Robin that had flipped it over as I approached.] and a Green Tiger Beetle.

No new species of flower in bloom.

 Melanostoma scalare -with a black scutellum and tergites [segments] of the abdomen longer than they are wide. Melanostoma mellinum has tergites that are square.

 Eristalis pertinax - pale tarsus [feet] on front and middle legs seperates this from other species of Eristalis.

 Early Mining Andrena Bee - first to emerge of the Solitary Bees.

 Bloody-nosed Beetle - complete with bloody nose

 Bloody-nosed Beetle the right way up

Green Tiger Beetle

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