Saturday, 30 April 2016

My Ty Talwyn 29th April 2016

There were some signs of passage migration today with 5 Wheatears [2male,3female] passing through and regular singles of Swallow also. Redstart, Willow Warbler and Chiffchaff could be heard singing from Cwm Nant Gwyn Woods. Resident birds displaying included Meadow Pipit and Skylark. The pre breeding gathering of Linnet was down to 25 from 60 a fortnight ago. Buzzard numbers have dispersed leaving  just the breeding birds [4prs down from 21 birds max]. Ravens were tumbling over My. Baeden and the Stock Dove flock [max 120] have disappeared for now.

Only other sighting was of a Brown Hare running along the road in front of car then disappearing into trees and trying to hide from the car, but I managed to snap it through the car window.

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Cape Verde 2016

Back from my Cape Verde Islands trip. Report and photos to follow. Here's a quick few photos.

 Grey-headed Kingfisher
 Pea Blue
 Long Skimmer
 Tufted Ghost Crab
Razo & Branco from Sao Nicolau at dusk

Friday, 1 April 2016

Mining Bee

Andrena clarkella is another of the first mining bees to emerge in spring, following my sightings of the Early Mining Andrena Bee from earlier in the week [see previous posts] and feeds on Sallow blossom. But this individual was just basking in sunshine next to an un-flowering Ramsons Plant. None of the nearby Sallow was in blossom, so it may have to survive on Lesser Celandine or Primrose for a while, these being the only nearby plants in blossom. Thanks to Matt Smith for identification.

Ethiopian Hoverfly

I only saw/photographed one species of hoverfly in Ethiopia [Nov 15] and forgot about it until now. So I sent it off to Gerard Pennards, a re-known world expert on Hoverflies. He replied very quickly and identified the species as Phytomia incisa, a member of the Eristalini tribe. There are 30 species of Phytomia worldwide with 15 each in Africa and Asia. Phytomia incisa is found in eastern and southern Africa and regarded as a local species. I took multiple photos of both male and female specimens [ a couple below] and the World Syrphidae site [] were very pleased as they don't have photographs of this species. It was present at Bishangari Lodge woods on the southern bank of Lake Langano, Ethiopia.

 female - eyes not touching
 male - eyes touching