Thursday, 26 May 2016

Shapwick Heath/Ham Walls 25/05/16

Birds - 71 species of birds were seen, highlights included - 2 seen and 8 booming Bittern, 4 Great White Egret, 3 Little Egret, 1 pair and immature male Marsh Harrier, 3 Hobby, 1 male Garganey and 28 Black-tailed Godwit.

Insects - a wide variety were seen with some of the best photos below.

 distant Garganey
 Anasimyia lineata hoverfly
 Myathropa florea hoverfly
 Neoascia tenur hoverfly
 Tropidia scita hoverfly
 Red-headed Cardinal Beetle
 Oedemera nobilis Beetle
 Variable Damselfly
 Dark Bush Cricket
micro moth - Nemophora Degeerella

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