Thursday, 23 June 2016

More scarce/rarities at Blaencaerau

Went back up today to try and find some more Forester moths, managed to find one in another place. But it looks like it prefers the dry Grassland covering the old tips, rather than the wetland grassland near the allotments. I was on the border of the two when I found the first one on Tuesday.

The highlight for me was the first ever sighting of Dark Green Fritillary at the sight. Not a common species anymore. The only other colony known in the valley is at Nanty, this may have been destroyed by so called "Environmentalists" with their European grants even though they were told the species was present. EU moto - "Fuck the wildlife, plant more trees" , Counted 5 individuals spread over a wide area. VOTE LEAVE TODAY.

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