Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Back to hoverflies today

After spending the last couple of fine days scouring Blaencaerau for day flying moths and a bit of rain, I returned back to hoverflies. A visit to Lletty woods produced 34 species. The best of which are below.

 Cheilosia illustrata
 Chrysogaster solstitialis
 Epistrophe grossulariae
 Eristalis horticola
 Helophilus pendulus
 Leucozona laternaria - my 1st photo
 Leucozona glaucia
 Platycheius clypeatus agg - my 1st photo
 Myathropa florea
 Neoascia podagrica
 Riponennsia splendens
 Sericomyia silentis
 Volucella pullecens
 Xylota segnis
 Xylota sylvarum - my 1st photo
Xylota jakutorum

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