Sunday, 31 July 2016


Started off fine but went overcast and windy between 1100-1300hrs and then became fine again. 41 species of hoverfly seen, which equals my highest day tally, but with lots of commoner stuff not seen so 50 in a day will be possible at perhaps Garnwen or Lletty Brongu area. No longhorns today, first time for 2 months. Ringlets still in good numbers, no sign of Graylings yet and a complete lack of Dragonflies was a bit worrying.

 Chrysotoxum festivum - 1st of the year for me of this spectacular hoverfly.
 Chrysotoxum arcuatum - 2nd generation [brood] of the year.
 Eristalis tenax - finally out in good numbers, supposedly UK's commonest hoverfly.
 Cheilosia impressa
 Cheilosia pagana - ID niggling at me for this one, although orange antennae are large, the bronzy ground colour should be jet black, so possibly something else, I'll send to HRS for confirmation. [Confirmed as pagana by HRS].
 Common Earwig - this was massive, 1 for irecord.
  Ringlet - still hanging on in good numbers, but mainly worn specimens.

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