Monday, 11 July 2016

Darren Woods insects

 Myathropa florea - complete with batman mark on thorax
 Xylota jakutorum
 Xylota sylvarum
 Volucella bombylans
 Paragus haemorrhous agg. - there are 4 species of Paragus, 3 of which haven't been recorded in South Wales. There is one record for tibilias on NBN gateway for the Gower, but is an old record from the 70's and is unverified. So this is most likely Paragus haemorrhous, but I'll book it down as agg. for the moment. I have a specimen which will be determined at the end of the season by Roger Morris of HRS. - New for Valley.
 Common Green Grasshopper
 Phasia hemiptera - one of the more colourful and bright "Tachinid" flies
 Longhorn Beetle - Rutpela maculata
Longhorn Beetle - Pachytodes cerambyciformis [speckled longhorn]

I also have a shed full of Bee photos which will take some time identifying and the help of Irecord, will post when Identified.

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