Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Garnwen today

A lot quieter today after the onslaught of last week, where it was taking 3 hours to edit the photos for the day. Few shots of various insects seen today.

 Eristalis rupium - with the 1st segment of the hind tarsus pale, chocolate markings on milky coloured wing and large size are all diagnostic for this species. This species is a northern species and the valley's half a dozen records represent the furthest south it has been recorded in Britain.
 Common Carpet
 Ringlet - 28 seen today, this species is having the best year that I can remember.
 Stenotus binotatus - plant bug, surprising how many different species there are when you start noticing them.
White-lipped Snail - following on from yesterdays snail posting of Brown-lipped Snail, once I've photographed the common Garden Snail, that's my knowledge of Land Snails exhausted.


Paul Tabor said...

looks like Garnwen is hotspot for rupium Martyn be interesting to see if they are on other mountain tops like llangynwyd and skull rocks area

Martyn Hnatiuk MartynH said...

I'll be keeping my eye out, but if we can get them at the sewage works woods, they should be all over. I'm waiting for a warm day so I can check out the area between Cwm Goblyn and the golf course. Lots of ancient Beech trees tucked in there out of sight.