Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Cheilosia scutellata - new for valley

There are 3 species of Cheilosia with a female that has a yellow tip to scutellum - longula/scutellata/soror.

soror hasn't made it to Wales yet and is only found in Southern England. longula has a swollen hind metatarsus, although the photo seems to hint at this, it is not swollen enough to fit longula.
Therefore this is Cheilosia scutellata, a good pointer that this is scutellata is the front and middle tarsus are pale and is diagnostic feature of the species. [record confirmed by HRS]


Paul Parsons said...

Nice! No 100?

Martyn Hnatiuk MartynH said...

Number 102 Sid

Paul Tabor said...

Ive had scutellata before Mart, but cant remember if it was recorded in valley or not but nice add got to aim for 120 now lol

Martyn Hnatiuk MartynH said...

yes I've had scutellata at Kenfig River Marsh last year, but not in valley.