Wednesday, 31 August 2016

30/08/16 - Arctophila superbiens

I decided to do something different today and make brief visits to places that looked like it had good habitat for species we haven't yet recorded, staying at the sites for an hour only. I visited Lletty Brongu Sewage Works, Waun-y-Gilfach and Top Llangynwyd clear-fells. This turned out to be a good idea. I recorded another of the big four in Arctophila superbiens within 10 minutes of leaving the car. In fact I had 2, both males, on the side of the sewage works entrance road. A welcome addition to the valley list [number 108]. At Waun-y-Gilfach I had a Painted Lady Butterfly, which have been quite scarce this year so far. At Top Llangynwyd clear-fells I had 6 Eristalis rupium and these are the furthest south they have been recorded in Great Britain. In total I had 28 species of hoverfly and Top Llangynwyd held large areas of Angelica, which could be good for migrants in September.

 Arctophila superbiens - above and below

 Leucozonia glaucia
 Painted Lady
Large Black Fly - possibly a tachinid, which will take some time to identify.

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