Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Garnwen - midday

Missed out on the Eriozona syrphoides that Paul Tabor had here earlier today, but still recorded an impressive 33 species for the time of year. Stictoleptura rubra longhorn beetle records have gone crazy this year, as I pass the 50 records mark, previous best was 8 records in 2015. Had 3 male and one female rubra today. Butterflies were scarce today, but did have 2 Common Blue, which were the first for a while, and also 10+ Orange-legged Furrow Bee and a single Field Cuckoo Bee.

 Eristalis tenax
 Helophilus pendulus
 Helophilus trivittatus - having a good year - 6 today - much more lemon in colour than pendulus.
 Myathropa florea - my first Garnwen record strangely - 3 today
 Platycheirus granditarsus - female
 Sphaerophoria scripta - male - only member of this 9 species genus that can be ID'd from photos. In the male the body is longer than the closed wings.
 Volucella pellucens - doing a fair impression of Volucella inflata because of the sunshine/photo angle colours.
Stictoleptura rubra - male [black thorax] - just about to leave in search of a female - there's one 10yds away down the path. I did point :).
Here she is [red thorax].

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