Sunday, 14 August 2016


Not as sunny as was expected, much cloud but still 22c, virtually no wind. So was disappointed to only get 22 species of Hoverfly, with nothing rare in the total. Plenty of other insects about but again in small numbers.

 Syrphus torvus
 Rhingia campestris
 Helophilus pendulus
 possible Forest Cuckoo Bee [confirmed Irecord] - new for valley.
 Larch Ladybird
 Stictoleptura rubra - male
White Water Lily

I haven't done any plant recording in the valley for 10+ years, so I've lost touch a bit. So this year I decided to make a note of 1st blooms. So White Water Lily was my 200th flower for the year, followed very quickly by 201 Red Bartsia. I've also recorded 43 species of tree, giving a total of 244 so far. While working in the Paper Mills I think I managed 300+ in 10 years. So this years total so far is quite pleasing as I'm starting to remember what I've forgotten :) - if we had an expert in the valley I'm sure we could hit 500.


Paul Tabor said...

Tony williams is the man for plants Martyn he knows his stuff fair play he can even tell you the latin names of most

Martyn Hnatiuk MartynH said...

You mean he can wind you up in Latin too - I'm impressed.


Paul Tabor said...

hahaha lol no serious now he's the man