Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Megasyrphus at Blaencaerau

Following Paul's finding of 1 of the big 4 missing from our list [Eriozona syrphoides]] yesterday at Garnwen. The other 3 being Megasyrphus erratica, Arctophila superbiens and Volucella inanis. I found Megasyrphus erratica on Angelica alongside the forestry at Blaencaerau C.O.P. This species is quite widespread but slightly less common than Eriozona syrphoides. With just the one record for Glamorgan in the east of the county as shown on the map below from NBN Gateway. And is number 107 for the valley.

 Larger than Syrphus species, the key Identification features are the strongly dipped R4+5 vein on the wing, orange rather than pale yellow markings on the abdomen and the black thorax and dark scutellum.

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