Thursday, 18 August 2016

Stictoleptura rubra at Garnwen

Although not a common species the Llynfi Valley seems to be one of its stronghold in South Wales. I came across an abandoned rotting log-pile, where I found a female egg laying. This is the first time I've witnessed this, there was also a male feeding on a nearby angelica flower head, gaining energy after a bout of passion I suspect :).

Stictoleptura rubra distribution map - NBN Gateway

 female on log pile
 female egg laying in cracks of the timber
 multiple exit holes in the timber, sometimes lightly scratching around these can bring out a newly emerged adult, I have a one in five success rate with this technique.
 male feeding up after some rumpy pumpy.
 Red Admiral numbers are starting to pick up now the Hemp agrimony is in bloom.
Sericomyia silentis - the best of 19 species of hoverfly seen today. It loves all heather types and 9 were seen today along with another 4 Helophilus trivittatus.

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