Wednesday, 7 September 2016


Another warm September day [24c], so hoverfly numbers were up to 21 species, with Helophilus trivittatus and Eristalis intricarius still being recorded. 6 species of butterfly still surviving, Small Copper being the best. Common Lizard were still showing on all the stiles, basking in the sun. A few other insect families were also recorded with Nowickia ferox [Tachinid Fly] being the best. Photographed a few leaf-mines on Ash and Hawthorn, but they were inconclusive.

 Eristalis intricarius
 Helophilus trivittatus
 Sericomyia silentis
 Common Green Shieldbug - 5th instar
 Common Lizard
 Coxcomb Prominent - larva
 Meadow Grasshopper
 Garden Snail - finally
 Nowickia ferox
 Painted Lady
Small Copper

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