Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Lletty Brongu sewage woorks

After driving back and forth to Manchester airport [400 miles round trip], even though I was tired I needed to stretch my legs. So had a quick hour around the sewage works and recorded just 17 species of hoverfly on thy Japanese Knotweed blooms, the best being Sphaerophoria scripta and Epistrophe grossulariae. Not much else about although there were 4 species of Butterfly including 6 Red Admiral and 1 Painted Lady. Only other insects seen was a Dark Giant Horsefly, which was tucked in the Japanese knotweed and didn't allow me the right angle for a positive identification photo and a single Common Carder Bee, which try as I might couldn't make it an interesting hoverfly.

 Sphaerophoria scripta
Dark Giant Horsefly - Honest

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