Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Lletty to Shwt

Walked from Lletty Brongu to Shwt bridge today along the lanes, it was very muggy at 24c. Most of the late summer flowers have gone over now, but still managed 16 species of hoverfly, Japanese Knotweed is now coming into bloom and this was what attracted most hoverflies. Highlights included Epistrophe grossulariae and very late Chrysogaster solstitialis, this species normally only feeds on Hogweed and disappears when the hogweed dies but was seen today on an isolated Angelica plant. Other insects included 100's of Nettle Tap Moth and quite a few Common Wasp nests in the banks of the lanes.

 Epistrophe grossulariae
 Chrysogaster solstitialis - very late record as all the Hogweed has gone over, this one on Angelica.
 Cheilosia bergenstammi

With the number of hoverflies dropping quickly through September, I was able to have more time looking at leaves for micro moth larva mines, I found a few but nothing new for the valley.

 Bramble - Stigmella aurella
 Sycamore - Stigmella speciosa
Finally a tiny Snail species which I don't know so I've put it on Irecord for confirmation

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