Sunday, 2 October 2016

Half-way House Ivy blossom, Llangynwyd

Nice to have a bit of sunshine for a change as the past week has been dire. The Ivy blossom at the half-way house on the way to top Llangynwyd is just coming into bloom and is probably the best Ivy patch in the valley, with a solid 30yds of it along the path just below the house. It will probably be in bloom for a month and is the last chance for getting late insects. Used to come here while moth recording and get a lot of autumnal species just after dark. During the day it is noteworthy for late insects coming to feed from the nearby wood. Today was no different, with 130+ Honey Bee's being joined by 16 species of Hoverfly with large numbers of both Eristalis pertinax [60+] and Eristalis tenax [90+]. There were also an assortment of other insects, the highlights being three species of butterfly - Red Admiral, Speckled Wood, Small White as well as a Hawthorn Shieldbug. The Ivy at Lletty Brongu Woods and Darren Woods are earlier bloomers and have now gone over, so wont be going there again this year for insects.

 Rhingia campestris
 Syrphus ribesii
 Eristalis nemorum
 Eristalis pertinax
 Eristalis tenax
 Helophilus pendulus
 Sericomyia silentis
 7-spot Ladybird
 Hawthorn Shieldbug
 Noon Fly
Small White

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