Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Ghana Moths 2016

I've managed to identify all the moths I photographed in Ghana with the help of Afromoths.net & Africanmoths.com which has a database of 4,000 moths between them. Only one was difficult to find [see below].

 Acrojana spendida [Eupterotidae] @ Ankasa
 Aethaloessa floridalis [Crambidae] @ Ankasa
 Balacra caeruleifascia [Arcttiidae] @ Ankasa
 Banisia myrususalis [Thyrididae] @ Ankasa
 Chrysodeixis chalcites [Noctuidae] @ Ankasa
 Cnaphalocrocis poeyalis [Crambidae] @ Ankasa
 Cyana delicata [Arctiidae] @ Ankasa
 This is the difficult one - genus is "Hypopyra" and possibly species "capensis" which is quite variable, if not it is yet to be documented as a species of Hypopyra. @ Ankasa
 Neopolyptychus spurrelli [Sphingidae] @ Mole
 Parasa viridissima [Limacodidae] @ Ankasa
Pseudothyretes carnea [Arctiidae] @ Kakum

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