Friday, 4 November 2016

Hoverfly round up for 2016

2016 has been a very successful year on the hoverfly front with the valley list increasing from 79 to 109 species with most photographed. Our target [Paul Tabor and I] was to hit the 100 barrier, but we easily surpassed that. I have also sent off 60 specimens to Roger Morris of the HRS, who will determine these over the winter and I'll report on these when the results are received. Below are the two main graphs of the numbers and species recorded per month compared to 2015. These are just my records for the moment. Our target for next year has to be 125 and then possibly the mythical number of 150 during the 5th year of recording in 2019.

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Paul Tabor said...

Tidy it will be interesting to see the results off Roger it would be nice to get sphaerophoria species narrowed down along with syrphus. I fancy Anasimyia lineata along the stream at the back of the school at some point in the future