Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Ghana various stuff

 Rosy Bee-eater - after a bit of photo enhancement
 Blister Beetle species - There are 120 species worldwide and 40 are in Africa, but that's as far as I got on ID.
 Bug species - Borbiri Forest
 Centaurus Beetle - didn't realize there were 30 species of Rhino Beetle in Africa
 Common (Rainbow) Agama
 3 photos of Dragonflies I've yet to ID, there seems scant information on the web for Odonata in West Africa

 Giant Millipede species - this one was 12" long and if you touch it, it secretes a poisonous liquid over its body
 Everybody photographs this species of Grasshopper while in Ghana, but nobody has a name for it.
 Portia Widow - Dragonfly I could ID
Western Bluewing - Damselfly I could ID.

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