Thursday, 9 March 2017


Just got back from a long weekend in Estonia in search of Steller's Eider [successfully] and a few other bits and bobs. Not many birds photographed as they were at times too distant. Highlights included totals of :-

210      Whooper Swan
2200    Greater Scaup
165      Steller's Eider
91        Velvet Scoter
72        Common Scoter
6551    Long-tailed Duck
1912    Goldeneye
137      Goosander
112      Red-breasted Merganser
51        Black Grouse
1          Black-throated Diver
12        White-tailed Eagle
1          Golden Eagle
1          Black Guillemot
1          Middle Spotted Woodpecker
3          Black Woodpecker 
2          Grey-headed Woodpecker
7          Great Grey Shrike
1          Nutcracker
122      Waxwing
10        Marsh Tit
3          Willow Tit
4          Tree Sparrow
21        Hawfinch
66        "Northern" Bullfinch
2          Crossbill
51        Yellowhammer

I will sort out some photos and a trip report shortly.

 Steller's Eider in amongst the Tufted Duck and Scaup flock at Kudema Bay, Saaremaa Island.
 Long-tailed Duck
 Waxwings at dusk

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