Monday, 10 April 2017

Sewage works, Lletty Brongu

Our only Ramsons in the valley was in bloom albeit a little earlier than last year supported by Ground-Ivy and Cuckoo Flower as first blooms. Birding highlights were 5 Mallard of which 4 were male all vying for attention of the lone female. 6 species of hoverfly with Syrphus ribesii being first of year. Otherwise fairly quiet with the first Common Wasps patrolling the emerging undergrowth and a diptera I don't recognise so I'll put it on Irecord on the off chance it can be ID'd.

 Meliscaeva cinctella
 Platycheirus albimanus - threw me at a distance because of all the pollen, but close up reveals its just an albimanus.
mystery fly species for Irecord ID. = Norellisoma spinimanum [dung-fly family]

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