Monday, 24 April 2017

Sewage works revisited

An overcast and gloomy day for the best part meant very few insects about and was more of a hirundines day. A stream of hirundines could be seen coming over the mountains and dropping in to feed over the sewage works,  with birds joining and leaving the flock constantly. Maximum flock counts were 30+ House Martin, 25 Barn Swallow and at least 4 Sand Martin although the overall numbers are probably much higher.

First Herb Bennett bloom of the year, insects were few and far between, although I did find a few hoverfly dotted around and in particular feeding on Sycamore blossom out of the wind. Rhingia campestris and Neoascia tenur being the best. An odd looking Bee was photographed but the wing cell matches that of Honey Bee, but it didn't look like any of the Honey Bees feeding on Ramsons, so I've put it on Irecord in case I've misidentified it.

 putative Honey Bee [confirmed on Irecord]
Rhingia campestris

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