Sunday, 21 May 2017


Decided to have a quick walk between dinner and rugby on the TV, which turned out to be a good idea. Even though there was a stiff wind insects congregated to feed in sheltered spots out of the wind and in bright sunshine.

Butterflies seen were Small Heath, Common Blue, Speckled Wood, Green-veined White and first of the year Dingy Skipper. 4 species of bee were highlighted with a Field Cuckoo Bee. Green Tiger Beetles were still numerous even in the wind. Stopped at the "longhorn" logs and tried a bit of finger scratching on the logs hoping to tempt out Stictoleptura rubra, to my surprise 3 Rhagium bifasciatum adults came out and immediately attacked my fingers, with even one flying at my face. This is the first time I've recorded this species at this log site, I hope they haven't ousted the rubra as they are much rarer and this log pile is a guaranteed site in June for them . Micropterix Calthella numbered over 300 again today, but painstakingly sorting through them I managed to find a Micropterix aureatella on a bramble bush. Finally the large red and black froghopper was again seen in good numbers.

Only birds of note were 2 male of each Whitethroat and Tree Pipit singing.

Oh yes I almost forget 20 species of hoverfly highlights being Dasysyrphus Venustus and the first of the year Xylota Jakutorum.

 face shot of the Dasysyrphus venustus showing black knob at base of antennae, which discounts the rarer hilaris.
 Xylota jakutorum
 Dingy Skipper
 Micropterix aureatella
Rhagium bifasciatum

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