Sunday, 4 June 2017


The last day of sunshine for a while, so made the most of it on my local patch. 25 species of hoverfly seen highlights being first of the year for both Chrysotoxum bicinctum and Eristalis rupium. Moths highlight was a Lampronia capitella which I failed to photograph. 2 species of longhorn beetle in Rhagium bifasciatum and Pachytodes cerambicyformis. 5 species of butterfly with 10 Dingy Skipper being impressive. Lots of Early Bumblebee and another Sicus ferruginieus Conopid fly. New blooms for the year in Charlock, Common Catsear, Water Forget-me-not, Few-leaved Hawkweed, Leafy Hawkweed and Smooth Sow-thistle.

 Chrysotoxum bicinctum
 Eristalis rupium
 Pachytodes cerambicyformis
 Rhagium bifasciatum
 Early Bumblebee
 Forest Cuckoobee
 Common Blue - female
Celypha lacunana

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