Thursday, 10 August 2017


Sunshine! at last. 21c and the first time for what seems like an eternity I was able to walk around for 3hrs. 20 species of Hoverfly recorded but nothing special, will take the hoverflies some time to recover in numbers from the bleak weather we've been having. Today was more of a butterfly day with good numbers of 7 species feeding on Hemp Agrimony now in full bloom, highlights being a Painted Lady and Red Admiral numbers building up. Came across adults moths of Adaina microdactyla (Hemp-agrimony Plume), Aethes cnicana (Tortrix) and Ruby Tiger. Another 2 juvenile dark Common Lizard were seen and the ever faithful longhorn beetle Stictoleptura rubra (male) put in the usual appearance on Angelica. A bit of mountain walking also clears the lungs after a period of house lazing.

 Painted Lady
 Red Admiral
 Speckled Wood
Stictoleptura rubra [male]

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