Tuesday, 8 August 2017

weekly roundup

Weather has been poor, insects numbers well down for the time of year. Managed to visit a few places between showers - Blaencaerau COP, Gilfach mountain and top Llangynwyd and Darren-y-Bannau , Mynydd Bach. A few photos of different families from the week are below.

 Field Cuckoo Bee
 Baby Common Lizard - not an expression I've used before, not sure what the terminology for juveniles are. [ update - correct term is hatchling then juvenile then adults are cow (female) and bull (male).]
 adult and "baby" Common Lizard
 Harlequin Ladybird
 Conopid fly - Physocephala rufipes - quite a few seen
 Volucella pellucens
 Ichneumon Fly - one for Irecord
 conopid fly - Sicus ferrugineous - lots around, they all seem to be in some kind of torpor, alive but unable to move, maybe post breeding dying time.
 Ichneumon Fly (2) - another for Irecord
 Helophilus pendulus - rather scarce this year
Eristalis arbustorum

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