Monday, 27 June 2016

Garnwen and Drysiog circular route

 Froghopper -species looking just like a frog [Aphrophora alni - Alder Spittlebug]
 Criorhina flocossa - couldn't quite get close enough
 Cassida species - there are 12 "Green Tortosie Beetle" species, I tried to key this one, but can't be done.
 Pipizella virens/maculipennis - maculipennis not recorded in Wales, so has to be virens [new for valley under Pipizella virens agg. label]
 Nemorpha degeerella - although antennae looks a bit short [over to you Sid]
 Xyphosia miliara - no English name, but I'm calling it "The Thistle Orange Gall Fly"
 Myathropa florea
 Volucella bombylans - plumata form
 Xylota segnis - huge difference in size between male [large] and female
Xylota segnis - resting after a job well done

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Paul Parsons said...

Female Degeerella have shorter antennae. They are getting a bit worn now too.