Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Lletty Brongu sewage works woods

Not very often in June to you get a day like this for hoverflies with 37 species seen [in fact my best day count ever]. The area was a sunny glade in the woods that are on the right hand side of sewage works lane near the bridge. I could see the area from the lane, but had to wade my way through the quickly growing Japanese Knotweed to get there. This area must have been hoverfly central, with over 300+ Umbelifier plants in flower [Upright Hedge Parsley & Hemlock Water Droplet]] and also a small stream running through it and ample secondary growth and also flowering Garlic Mustard, Germander Speedwell, Red Campion and Herb Robert. Below are photos of some of the species. The only downer was the Parhelophilus species that got away [would have been a valley first if ID'd] .

 The glade - I'm standing in the stream
 Cheilosia Illustrata
 Criorhina floccosa - new for valley
 Episyrphus balteatus - numbers starting to pick up
 Eristalis horticola - 1 of 5 species of Eristalis present
 Eristalis pertinax
 Lejogaster metallina - 2nd valley record - new for me
 Platycheirus granditarsis
 Riponnensia splendens - new for me
 Volucella pellucens
Xylota Xanthocnema - 2nd valley record - new for me.

All difficult species have been verified by the Hoverfly Recording Scheme.

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Paul Tabor said...

Great haul Martyn nice valley addition 😊