Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Blaencaerau 22 May

Today was of a case of new, new, new. With new year, site, Caerau area and Valley ticks galore. All this in less than ideal weather conditions, roll on the imminent fine weather.

Had 20 new blooms for the year, with four being valley ticks in Clustered Dock, Cut-leaved Cranesbill, Creeping Buttercup and Beaked Hawk's-beard.

20 species of hoverfly were seen with new species for Caerau and the Blaencaerau COP being Cheilosia variabilis, Anasimyia contracta and a Parahelophilus species that got away while I was side-tracked by something else. First Large Red Damselfly of the year was followed quickly by a new for the valley Tachinid Fly in Thelaira nigripes. The usual day moth records was supplemented with a new for the valley Narrow-bordered 5-spot Burnet larva on Yellow Iris getting ready to pupate. The usual Bees were added to by a new for Caerau Orange-tailed Mining Bee [2nd valley record I think]. On the butterfly front Dingy Skipper and Common Blue were seen. Finally another sighting of the longhorn beetle Rhagium bifasciatum, could be another good year for Longhorns.

So all in all a good day.

 Southern Marsh Orchid - probably [re-Sid]
 Large Red Damselfly
 Leucozona lucorum
 Narrow-bordered 5-spot Burnet - larva [long body hairs distinguish it from 5-spot and 6-spot Burnet]
Tachinid Fly - Thelaira nigripes

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