Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Georgia Moths part 2

With all the rain today I had a few hours to knuckle down and ID another batch of moths by cross-referencing images on a number of European sites. There really are some good sites for moths on the net if you look hard enough.

 Small Grass Emerald
 Noctuid - Phyllophila obliterata
 Brocade - Think it's Pale-shouldered Brocade [what you think Sid], none of the non-British brocades come close so its down to PaleShouldered/ Light Brocade
 Common Quaker
 Pyralid - Evergestis frumentalis


Paul Parsons said...

Can't be sure on the brocade Martyn. No images in my books match it, maybe a regional variation?

Martyn Hnatiuk MartynH said...

yes there are regional variations


This is a good sight and the Georgia list only contains these brocade types.

The Stranger
Beautiful Brocade
Bright-line Brown-eye
Splendid Brocade
Pale-shouldered Brocade
Light Brocade

I've checked the world list of brocades [Lacanobia] on wiki and nothing else comes close on cross reference.