Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Georgia moths part 3

Another set of 5 ID'd this morning in the gloom that is Welsh Weather.

 Bordered Gothic - the other similar Gothic is much bigger and wider and this was on the smallish side and Gothic is more of a western species. state this as a common species in the Caucasus while the Gothic is not.
 Bright Wave -eastern darker form
 Cucullia argentina [Noctuid] - went through all the Cucullia [Shark]species, luckily it began with "A", and then a eureka moment realizing that argent is latin in heraldry for silver, as is the colour of its streak.
 Lime-speck Pug - no similar species
Oxyptilus parvidactyla [Plume Moth] - there are a three similar species and they need to be checked genitilia wise, but the other two haven't been recorded in the region, so I'm going out on a limb here and saying it's probably this. None of the British or European Plumes occur in the Caucasus and many of the family seem to have small ranges. I.E. Oxyptilus family plumes in Ukraine/Balkans don't occur in the Caucasus.

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