Thursday, 18 May 2017

Lower Valley

Had a walk from Darren Woods to the sewage works in the first fine day for what seems an age. Garden Warblers were singing in the woods as were many Song Thrush. A Reed Warbler was singing from the sewage works reed-bed but the undergrowth was too much for me to get a better look. Otherwise all the usual summer and resident birds were in full voice.

25 species of hoverfly were seen, with quite a few first for the year and some bright colourful species highlighted by a male Criorhina berberina which was a first for me, but not the valley. Other insect highlight included Ashy-mining Bee and the Large Red and Black Froghopper.

First blooms of the year included Herb Benett, Dovesfoot Cranesbill, Wood Cranesbill, Pignut, Holly, Common Chickweed, Black Medick and Dog's Mercury.

 Criorhina berberina
 Eristalis horticola
 Eristalis tenax - a colourful individual
 Neoascia meticulosa - cloudless cross-veins and end of hind femur yellow, antennae dimensions rule out the yet to be recorded in Wales - geniculata
 Xanthogramma pedissequum s.s.
 Xylota segnis
 Ashy-mining Bee
 Large red and black Froghopper
Song Thrush

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