Sunday, 28 May 2017

Maesteg cemetery and Cwrt-y-mynys Farm area

With a break in the weather decided to have a walk around here as Paul Tabor had found a Rhingia rostrata [new for valley] hoverfly there last week. It was still present but very flighty and I couldn't get a photo. I then moved on to the open area further on and located Microdon myrmicae/mutablis agg. from four different locations far enough apart to suspect they were all different individuals. Paul had a pair here last week. I then walked a circuit around the area recording 17 species of hoverfly with the highlights being Merodon equestris and Volucella bombylans. I've also got 2 in the pot to check later a Sphaerophoria [male] and a Pipizini.

While walking along the edge of the cemetery I found a Hummingbird Hawk-moth feeding on Rhododendron and on the south side a new for the valley moth in Cauchas fibulella. Also seen were Common Plume and Mompha raschkiella amongst the commoner day moths. Five species of butterfly were present with 2 Red Admiral Being the best.

New blooms for the year included Dog Rose, Bramble, Wild Privet, Grass Vetchling, Raspberry, Ragged Robin, Lesser Trefoil, Laburnum, Rhododendron, Scarlet Pimpernel, Meadow Cranesbill and Yellow Rattle.

 Meliscaeva auricollis
 Merodon equestris
 Microdon myricmae/mutablis agg.
 Volucella bombylans
 Cauchas fibulella - new for valley
 Common Plume I think
 Mompha raschkiella
 Red Admiral
 Speckled Wood
 Common Carder Bee
Conopid fly Sicus ferruginieus

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