Wednesday, 14 June 2017


A fine not to warm day at 20c. Hoverflies were out in  force to coincide with the first bramble blooms here. I recorded a very healthy 36 species a few which are being assessed by HRS, so I'll update if anything new is confirmed. Firsts of the year included Scaeva pyrastri. Pipiza austriaca and Eristalis intricaria. Other highlights were Chrysotoxum cautum, Anasimyia contracta, all 7 species of Eristalis possible, Sericomyia lappona.

Other insects included 4 species of butterfly with Large Skipper first for the year, 6 species of Bumblebee, Broad Centurion soldierfly, Longhorn beetle Pachytodes cerambicyformis. The first emergence of Burnet moths. Had 100+ 5-spot Burnet in the central fields and also in the area that I had Narrow-bordered 5-spot Burnet larva there were 4 present which I assume were that species, but you really can't tell the adults apart. Unusually I had Middle-barred Minor feeding on Umbellifers during the day.

Counted 3 pairs of Stonechat and 9 Whitethroats calling on my walk. Also had 20 new blooms for the year, so the rain did have some positive effect.

 Anasimyia contracta
 5-spot Burnet
 Middle-barred Minor

Broad Centurion - this is the commonest fly mis-identified as a hoverfly

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