Monday, 26 June 2017

Garnwen butterflies

Hoverflies were poor today only 14 common species, won't be to long before the Hogweed bumps up the numbers though. The highlight though was a largish emergence of Ringlet butterfly. I counted 35 individuals within a quarter of a mile circuit. Meadow Browns are also emerging but at lower numbers and I counted 11 on the same circuit. Both species spent most of the time fighting each-other for dominance of the woodland rides. Even though there were less Meadow Brown they seemed to be winning.

I have a few plants and such to put on Ispot, but its down for a rebuilt for a few days. So I'll post separately if anything interesting comes from the photos.

 Meadow Brown
Notch-horned Cleg - sucking the blood out of me, 5 attacks today.

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