Tuesday, 13 June 2017


First day of fine weather for what seems like an eternity. Insects were out in force with 25 species of hoverfly. A large emergence of Syrphus species was noted with over a 100 of torvus and ribesii. New for the year were Baccha elongata and Didea fasciata. With other good sightings including Melanostoma mellinum, Xanthogramma pedissequum, Sericomyia lappona, Criorhina berberina and Xylota jakutorum. 5 species of butterfly, 7 species of Bumblebee were seen. Willow Tortrix added to the day moths and a Broad-bodied Chaser dragonfly was new for the year. Finally Pachytodes cerambicyformis [longhorn beetle] was on bramble.

Also some first of the year blooms in Bittersweet, Tutsan, Cross-leaved Heath, Cut-leaved Dead-nettle and another type of Orchid.

 Didea fasciata
 Volucella bombylans
 Xylota jakutorum
 Pachytodes cerambicyformis
 Common-spotted Orchid [per Sid]
 Common-spotted Orchid [per Sid]

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Paul Parsons said...

I would say both Common spotted orchid.