Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Georgia - scenic shots

Ananuri church - looking like something out of Monty Python and the Holy Grail
 Graveyard busts are very popular in Georgia - this one looks like Orlando Bloom
 Friendship Monument - just below the Jvari Pass
 Top of the Jvari Pass
 Kazbegi mountain above Stepantsminda at 1700 feet. In Greek Mythology this is the mountain that Prometheus was chained to by the gods for given mankind the gift of fire. A vulture would eat his liver by day, while it would grow back during the night and then continually repeat the process for everlasting pain. There's benevolent of the them.
 Close up view of the Kazbegi peak
 Mother Georgia, a 200 foot statue overlooking Tbilisi. Those dots are Swifts
 Church of St Elias 7200 foot above Stepantsminda
 Kobi - an abandoned village in the Tergi Valley
The Snowcock and Grouse peaks. Viewing area is just at the edge of the forest.

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