Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Lletty Brongu woods

The umbellifer "Hemlock Water Droplet" is on its last legs in the woods but still managed to record 24 species of hoverflies. Highlights being first of year for Leucozona glaucia and Platycheirus scutatus agg. I potted an Orthonevra species which was certainly new for the valley, but when I got home the pot top had come loose in my pocket and the fly had legged it 😧. Lots of other insects were about today including the tachinid flies Phasia hemiptera and Dexiosoma caninum, The Noon Fly "Mesembrina meridiana" with its bright orange patches at the base of wings. Other highlights included Tree Bumblebee, Gwynne's-mining Bee, longhorn beetles Rutpela maculata and Grammoptera ruficornis. On The moth front I had an Ypsolopha parenthesella without the white mark on the wing and of course those pesky Notch-horned Clegg - 3 bites today. Even though they give a nasty bite I still like looking at them in case it is one of the rarer species . Ground and plant bugs are starting to reach their last full adult instar and it will soon be time to start photographing them for ID purposes - Had Grypocoris stysi adult today as the first of the year. Finally the soldier beetle Rhagonycha fulva was present on the two Hogweed plants that have started to flower.

 Cheilosia impressa
Tachinidae fly -  Dexiosoma caninum
 Noon Fly Mesembrina meridiana  not following British Summer Time at 1300hrs.
 Tachinidae fly - Phasia hemiptera
 soldier beetle - Rhagonycha fulva
 Rutpela maculata
Ypsolopha parenthsella

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