Thursday, 8 June 2017

Somerset Levels 07-06-17 (hoverflies)

Didn't spend much time in the undergrowth looking for hoverflies as it was primarily a birding day, nevertheless I found 30 species on umbellifers and bramble along the paths in quieter moments. These included the reed specialities in Tropida Scita (200+) and Anasimyia lineata (30+). There were also good numbers of Parhelophilus species (100+), which I didn't pot but I saw 1 male with a definite long-haired black tubercle on the hind femur proving one at least was a Parhelophilus frutetorum. Also seen were good numbers of Eupeodes luniger, Leucozona laternaria, Scaeva pyrastri, Eristalis intricarius, Helophilus hybridus, Merodon Equestris, Sericomyia silentis, Volucella bombylans, Volucella pellucens and a single Criorhina berberina.

 Anasimyia lineata
 Criorhina berberina
 Eristalis intricarius
 Eupeodes luniger
 Helophilus hybridus
 Leucozona laternaria
 Tropida scita
 Volucella pellucens
rather odd looking Parhelophilus species. Has orange antennae, which means it can't be Helophilus or Lejops. Has one ring on hind tibia meaning it can't be Anasimyia, so it looks like a Parhelophilus without any orange hairs on the body. I wonder what HRS Roger Morris will make of it. update later.

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