Monday, 24 July 2017

Parc Tir-iarll, Cwmfellin

Sid was parked up as I arrived, but didn't bump into him on my circuit. Another good day for hoverflies with 40 species recorded on the Hogweed and some interesting specimens taken including Cheilosia and Pipizella, both maybe new for valley. Temperatures was 20c when I arrived but increased to 23c through the afternoon and this meant that hoverflies decided to have a rest with many resting on shady leaves and out of the direct sunlight. Highlights included Dasysyrphus pinastri and another 14 Scaeva pyrastri, this migrant is having a very good year.

Also recorded the longhorn beetle Leptura quadrifasciata, there's been less than half a dozen records for the valley so was a good find here. Otherwise all the usual suspects although butterflies were out in good numbers particularly the Gatekeeper.

 Leptura quadrifasciata
 Cheilosia impressa
 Leucozona glaucia
 Melangyna compositarum agg.
Melanostoma scalare - dead and infected with the Entomphthora fungus, which affects the brain of the insects making them climb to the top of a tall plant, where they hang upside down and die so the white spores can disperse more easily in the wind.

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